Region 2: Lozère

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Main cities and villages along the way:Aubrac 06

  • Saint-Alban-sur-Limagnole
  • Les Estrets
  • Aumont-Aubrac
  • Lasbros
  • Finieyrols
  • Montgros
  • Nasbinals

The landscape:

The hike over the plateau from Aumont-Aubrac to Nasbinals was the most beautiful yet. The trail maintains a fairly level altitude, peaking at 1257 m at Roc des Loups, a giant cracked boulder on top of a grassy, windswept hill with a view the whole countryside.

A typical route:

St. Alban, Aumont-Aubrac and Nasbinals all have tourist offices (meaning the general conveniences of wifi, a small grocery and usually people to talk to in English), plentiful gîtes (hostels) and beautiful churches.

Don’t miss:

Aligot d’Aubrac, the traditional side dish of cheese, potatoes and garlic, is served at just about every restaurant in this region. Normally, I wouldn’t love this kind of food, but after a long day of hiking, it hits the spot. Ask at a tourist office for a restaurant recommendation.

Aubrac 03  Aubrac 04

Aubrac 05  Aubrac 07


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